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Welcome To HIV Specialist

“Body is your temple".
"Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in."

Certain conditions like HIV status, AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, infertility, impotency, pre-mature ejaculation, undeveloped breast, over developed breast are difficult to discuss or disclose for some people even with their own doctor due to personal or social status issues.
Now there is Hope for such people to seek treatment confidentially without disclosing their identity to the Doctor. Since 10 years we are happily serving & treating the patients to their expectations.

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The silent treatment solves no problems it only makes more

Sharing needles, syringes, rinse water, drugs, injection.

Extramarital afairs living & Unprotected Unhygeine sex

mother to child during pregnancy, birth, breast-feeding.

Contaminated blood and organ/tissue transplants

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